Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cooltoolsforschools is really cool.

Last lecture in ‘Pedagogy for flexible learning’ concerning more technology and education was absolutely inspiring for me. What made this lecture so special is that it’s just like opening windows to the world: opening my mind to the richness of technology for educational purposes. On the lecture my teacher introduced us what a wonderful website I have ever known for technology in education. It’s http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/.

This website is really informative on a number of tools which are beneficial for educational practices. It ranges from presentation tools, writing tools to file storage & web pages. I would say, all tools attached to this website are definitely useful either for teachers or students.  During the lecture our teacher asked us to explore one of the available tools, and I was even confused with selecting one because all tools are title-catching for me. But, with other group members we decided to get to know more about file storage and web pages and presented to the class. Wow...it’s a lot. I am only familiar with few of them: most are new to me. There are 16 for free storages, 18 for free websites and 7 for website builders. We then selected dropbox and webs.

Dropbox is a network-based application and it is a free service with which people can share documents, photos or the like easily. With dropbox people should not email documents as attachments to their friends, colleges, or family anymore. If you want to use it, just install it to your PC or laptop and then you can invite people you want to share your documents with. Visit http://www.dropbox.com/ for more information concerning installation and other information. Next, if you want to create your own web page, you can use webs or freewebs. You can either use the free one or upgrade to the premium one. I had some experiences with webs or previously called freewebs. For me it’s nice because it provides many templates and other interesting components. 

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Petra Fisser said...

Hi Fauzan,
Thank you for choosing this cool tool! Your presentation during the lecture with Zeno and Elisha made me realize again that Context is important.. and that our countries are different!